Sarasota Collaborative Family Law Professionals

Consider the Collaborative Process

Client Involvement: The clients are a vital part of the Team. The process shifts decision-making into their hands rather than into the hands of the judge.

Supportive Approach: Each client is supported by an attorney in a manner that allows the attorneys to work together to resolve issues.

Lower Cost: Court preparation and court time is not required. The clients together select one financial professional and one mental health professional to work in tandem with the Team throughout the process.
Speed and Efficiency: The process is governed by the parties and their selected Team, rather than by the court’s calendar.

Less Stress: The fear and anxiety of court is taken out of the equation. The Team focuses on settlement, without the emphasis on preparing for litigation.

Win-Win Climate: This group collective process produces a more satisfactory outcome for both parties, as they actively participate in all aspects of the decision-making process.

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The Collaborative Law process allows the parties and respective attorneys to work toward the sole goal of reaching an efficient and fair settlement of all issues. The Collaborative Process utilizes informal discussions and conferences, and a pledge by the Collaborative Team to quickly and efficiently resolve all issues out of court and without litigation. Trained professionals act collaboratively as problem solvers, not adversaries. The attorneys are client advocates and pledge to work with a team consisting of a neutral financial expert and mental health professional to thoroughly address and resolve all family disputes. The financial expert assists in gathering and analyzing financial information and provides neutral financial advice to both parties, while the mental health professional guides the process and helps the parties address parenting plans and family restructuring.

Founding Members

Attorneys: Deborah J. Blue, Heather M. Byrd, Mark T. Flaherty, Carmen R. Gillett, R. Lynette Mancuso, Jaime L. Wallace

Neutral Financial Experts: Gina T. Moore, CPA, Robert H. Piper Jr., CPA

Neutral Mental Health Professionals: Brad S. Broeder, PhD; Roxanne Permesly, LMHC