• CLIENT INVOLVEMENT:  The clients are a vital part of the team. The process shifts decision-making into their hands rather than into the hands of the judge.

  • SUPPORTIVE APPROACH:  Each client is supported by an attorney in a manner that allows the attorneys to work together to resolve issues.

  • LOWER COST:  Court preparation and court time is not required. The clients together select one financial professional and one mental health professional to work in tandem with the team throughout the process.

  • SPEED AND EFFICIENCY:  The process is governed by the parties and their selected team rather than by the court’s calendar.

  • LESS STRESS:  The fear and anxiety of court is taken out of the equation. The team focuses on settlement without the emphasis on preparing for litigation.

  • WIN-WIN CLIMATE:  The group collective process produces a more satisfactory outcome for both parties as they actively participate in all aspects of the decision-making process.

reasons for collaborative divorce